Houston, TX, USA, February 2017 – At the 2017 Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference (PPIM), the ROSEN Group will launch its new premium Corrosion Growth Assessment service.

The complex nature of corrosion has compelled inspection and integrity specialists to continually advance technology, improve knowledge, and build experience in corrosion management. ROSEN’s new offering – CGApro – addresses the industry need with a holistic integrity solution for corroded pipelines.

The first stage of CGApro is a thorough investigation of all available pipeline data, conducted by experts in integrity and corrosion management, risk and reliability, and flow assurance. The result is a complete corrosion diagnosis, leading to pipeline segmentations that accurately reflect the variation in internal and external corrosion susceptibility.

This is followed by the estimation of historical corrosion growth rates (CGRs), achieved using ROSEN’s new technology, AutoSCAN (Automated Signal Correlation And Normalization). Using pattern recognition algorithms, AutoSCAN precisely matches and normalizes metal loss indications between two ROSEN axial field magnetic flux leakage (MFL A) inspections. Historical depth changes are then estimated using the change in signal amplitude, leading to a significant step change in the accuracy of historical CGRs. By obtaining a complete and accurate distribution of CGRs, optimal CGRs can be selected for integrity management planning, limiting unnecessary repairs while maintaining safety and compliance.

The final step is a review of engineering practices to ensure effective corrosion management. ROSEN works together with operators to define and implement a corrosion management strategy, consisting of mitigation and risk based inspection and monitoring plans.

With CGApro, operators therefore gain unparalleled insights into the location, severity, causes of and solutions for active corrosion threats.

About the ROSEN Group

The ROSEN Group is a globally leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. Since its origins as a one-man business in 1981, ROSEN has rapidly grown and continues to do so. Today the business is still privately owned and employs a team of more than 2,800 workers, operating in more than 120 countries.  

The four key ROSEN areas of expertise include:

  • Inspection of critical industrial assets to ensure reliable operations of the highest standards and effectiveness

  • Customized engineering consultancy providing efficient asset integrity management

  • Production and supply of customized novel systems and products

  • Market-driven, topical, state-of-the-art research and development providing “added value” products and services

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