Manchester, United Kingdom, June 28, 2019 – ROSEN was awarded the Pipeline Industries Guild 2019 Prestigious Technology Award for its ground breaking new Pipeline DNA and Pipe Grade Determination service. The new service brings together unique internal inspection technology for identifying pipe strength with expertise in specialist materials, to produce data that provides a complete picture of the pipeline. The award ceremony, hosted by the Pipelines Industries Guild, was held in the Hilton Deansgate hotel in Manchester on June 27, 2019.

The Pipeline DNA process using ROSEN’s RoMat PGS data integrated with other information and applying the right expertise can help operators replace lost records, fully understand pipeline materials (the pipeline 'DNA'), identify rogue pipes from construction or repair and confirm the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP). Thus ensuring safety, compliance and performance.

"Congratulations to everyone at ROSEN who was involved in the development of this great new service that is already helping pipeline operators worldwide to demonstrate to stakeholders that they know their systems and providing invaluable information for enhancing integrity management," said Roland Palmer-Jones, Head of the ROSEN Group Business Line Integrity Solutions.

About the Pipelines Industries Guild

Formed in 1957, the Pipeline Industries Guild has evolved to be the only association worldwide to cater directly for the needs of the pipeline industry, regardless of engineering discipline, application, or qualification. The Guild's membership comprises those with interests in pipelines world-wide, transporting hydrocarbon products, chemicals, water, wastewater, and many other substances, both on and offshore. All are governed by the industry's twin need to combine quality with safety, while at the same time meeting all the latest environmental and legislative requirements. The Guild is the respected authority within all branches of the pipeline industry.

About the ROSEN Group

The ROSEN Group is a leading global provider of cutting-edge solutions for all areas of the integrity management process. Since its origins as a one-man business in 1981, ROSEN has grown rapidly and continues to do so. Today, the business is still privately owned and employs a team of more than 3,000, operating in more than 120 countries.

The four key ROSEN areas of expertise include:

  • Inspection of critical industrial assets to provide the high quality information needed to ensure reliable and effective operation 
  • Customized engineering consultancy ensuring efficient asset integrity management
  • Production and supply of customized novel systems and products
  • Market-driven, topical, state-of-the-art research and development providing “added value” products and services


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