Osnabrück, Germany, October 2020 – Over the next five years, the ROSEN Group is sponsoring a professorship for “Semantic Information Systems” on the AI Campus of the University of Osnabrück, Germany. The computer scientist Prof. Dr. Martin Atzmüller was hired for the position and met the sponsor for the first time at the beginning of September.

Previously, the ROSEN Group had acquired a share in the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ensuring the dynamic continuation of the trustful cooperation of both partners. This important cooperation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now followed by the sponsoring of the professorship for “Semantic Information Systems” on the AI Campus of the University of Osnabrück, Germany, as a next step towards the future.

Recognizing AI as an interface of many disciplines

University President Prof. Dr. Susanne Menzel-Riedl expresses her gratitude to the ROSEN Group for its intensive support: “The commitment helps us to rapidly advance the expansion of the AI Campus at the University of Osnabrück. The professorship will be optimally embedded in the campus in an interdisciplinary manner, in order to not only address important research questions in the technical sense,” the University President expresses her satisfaction. She adds that it is important to consider not only information technology and cognitive science aspects in the profiling of Artificial Intelligence, but also other influences of the increasing use of AI, such as legal, sociological or ethical ones.

Endowed professorship as a further piece of the mosaic on the AI Campus

“Artificial intelligence is an important technology for the ROSEN Group and will provide us with an enormous innovation boost in the coming years. We are very pleased that we are in good hands on the AI Campus of the University of Osnabrück and that we can add another piece to the mosaic,” Patrik Rosen, representative of the owner family, explains the commitment of the ROSEN Group. “The university not only researches and develops innovative software solutions, but also investigates ethical and legal issues, for example. Artificial intelligence is increasingly influencing society today, so it is important to shape this change positively. This is very important to our company”.

Making large amounts of data usable down to detail

Since August 1, 2020, the computer scientist Prof. Dr. Martin Atzmüller has been working on interpretable and explainable machine learning, the analysis of multimodal complex data, and interactive decision support within the framework of the endowed chair “Semantic Information Systems”. “With the help of these Artificial Intelligence/Data Science approaches, large amounts of data – which are obtained through digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) – are to be analyzed, semantically interpreted and thus made more useful for humans,” the scientist explains. Atzmüller formerly worked as a professor at the universities of Würzburg and Kassel in Germany, the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord and the Dutch Tilburg University.

Pipe coating facility, Calgary Alberta.

Successful meeting between benefactor and scientist: (from left) Patrik Rosen, University President Prof. Susanne Menzel-Riedl and Professor Dr. Martin Atzmüller.

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