The ROSEN Group will once again play an active role at the IPC and IPE 2016.

Calgary, AB, Canada, September 2016 — The ROSEN Group, headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, will once again play an active role at the IPC and IPE 2016 from 26 to 30 September to at the Hyatt Regency Hotel & The TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company will not only be participating heavily in the conference element of the show, with eleven papers to present, but will also unveil two new solutions and promote the availability of crack detection service.

Understanding the ever-growing needs of the pipeline industry, the ROSEN Group is proud to announce the unveiling of two new solutions at this year’s IPE. The topics for the 2016 conference will also expand on the developments in crack detection and the EMAT technologies. The three highlight topics will share with operators the experience gained, knowledge acquired, and services developed through more than two million kilometers of pipeline inspected using ROSEN’s Asset Care portfolio.

RoCorr MFL-A Ultra service – making the invisible visible

At IPC 2016, ROSEN will introduce its premium inline inspection service, RoCorr MFL-A-Ultra. This brand new service makes it possible to detect even the smallest pipeline defects, such as pinholes down to one millimeter (0.04 inches). Furthermore, it is capable of defining the exact structure of girth weld defects as well as complex corrosion. Just like an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner provides lifelike images of the interior of the human body, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra is able to produce lifelike images of a pipe wall’s structure.

To this end, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra uses the highly innovative Pipeline Imaging™ method, which is based on the results of ultra-high resolution sensors in combination with machine-learning-based AutoData™ algorithms. RoCorr MFL-A Ultra allows for less conservative integrity assessments, which in turn lead to cost reductions in field verification and repair. 

The experts of the ‘Proficient Pipeline Diagnostics’ team will be presenting and discussing this new option at the ROSEN booth.

Crack detection solutions: be in control of cracks

The ROSEN Group’s specialized “Advanced Pipeline Diagnostics” team addresses cracking in gas and liquid pipelines. Inline inspection technologies like EMAT, UT, and MFL are utilized to locate and accurately size cracking in the base material and in the weld area.

At IPC 2016, the ROSEN Group will focus on an optimized approach for crack management — a comprehensive service consisting of a framework that begins with appropriate system selection, continues with dedicated data evaluation, and concludes with high-quality reporting.

Education Systems and Services – investing in competence

Recognizing the need to invest in the future of our industry, the second new appearance at IPC 2016 for the ROSEN group is ‘Education Systems and Services’. With this new offering, ROSEN addresses the present and future needs of putting time, money, and effort into human capital by “investing in competence”. Training, education, and qualification enable professionals in the oil and gas industry to continuously evolve in their expertise while operators who give their employees access to these programs can be sure of a constant increase of certified and thereby demonstrable competence within their company.

Showcasing new and reliable solutions, the ROSEN Group will once again this year participate as platinum sponsor for the event and the proceedings sponsor for the conference, and will be exhibiting at booth 512.


Pictures and captions

Picture 1: RoCorr MFL- A Ultra service exceeds the expectations of any imaging in the industry.

Picture 2: A reliable approach to crack detection for optimized performance offered by crack detection solutions.

Picture 3: “Investing in Competence” is vital for the future of our industry.

The ROSEN Group at IPC/IPE 2016

Booth: 512
26–30 September, 2016
Hyatt Regency Hotel & The TELUS Convention Centre
700 Center Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5P6

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About the ROSEN Group

ROSEN is a leading privately owned company established in 1981 by Hermann Rosen in Lingen, Lower Saxony, Germany. Over the last thirty-five years, ROSEN has grown rapidly and is today a worldwide provider of leading technology in all areas of the integrity process chain with more than 2,800 employees in over 120 countries worldwide.

The four key ROSEN areas of expertise include:

  • Inspection of critical industrial assets to ensure reliable operations of the highest standards and effectiveness
  • Customized engineering consultancy providing efficient asset integrity management
  • Production and supply of customized novel systems and products
  • Market-driven, topical, state-of-the-art research and development providing “added value” products and services


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