Our webinar series, A Complete Guide to Pipeline Integrity, is dedicated to sharing knowledge with integrity engineers and other professionals that are new to our industry.

Why Attend:

  1. Get a high-level overview of pipeline threats
  2. Understand integrity management possibilities to ensure safety & compliance, extend asset lifetime, and increase performance
  3. Applicable for CPD credits

Who Should Attend:

  1. Integrity engineers
  2. Project managers
  3. Supply chain personnel
  4. Engineers in training
  5. Professionals new to the industry

Find out more information about the individual sessions to be featured in this series, below.

Session 6: A Purchaser’s Guide to Pipeline Integrity

16 September 2021, 10 am MST

Understanding and getting what you pay for - the final webinar in this series focuses on pipeline integrity management for procurement and supply chain specialists. It discusses safety and compliance elements and the values of a good vendor operator relationship.

Dale Simpson & Barret Roulston


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Session 5: Ignorance WAS Bliss: the Evolution of Threats

24 June 2021, 10 am MST

This webinar introduces threats or happenings that may not have always been the hot topics of the pipeline integrity world but are now becoming more relevant, be it because we are aware of them, or because we now have ways to manage them, or even because we NEED to address them. What do you think? What are pipeline integrities ‘emerging threats’.

Corey Richards, Alasdair Clyne & David Shanks


Session 4: Don’t Let Pipeline Integrity Slip Through the Cracks

10 June 2021, 10 am MST

The smallest crack can be detrimental to the integrity of a pipeline. This webinar discusses crack management for pipelines and describes the who/what/when/where/and how of cracks as a threat.

Jens Voss, Adrian Horsley & Chris Wood

Session 3: Where oh where has my Pipe Wall Gone?

27 May 2021, 10 am MST

This webinar covers the most popular pipeline threat of all – corrosion. Once again, subject matter experts will introduce the types, causes, and risks of this ever-present threat as well as discuss a holistic approach to managing corrosion.

Zach Farrell & Taras Bolgachenko

Session 2: No Need to Get Bent Out of Shape

13 May 2021, 10 am MST

Focusing in on all things geohazards, this webinar covers the types, causes, risks, and management of these unique threats.

Corey Richards & Chris Holliday

Session 1: Getting to Know your Pipeline

29 April 2021, 10 am MST

The first webinar of the series focuses on how to understand your asset and encompasses both the integrity and diagnostic aspects of pipeline integrity management.

Alasdair Clyne & Corey Richards