The identification of critical pipelines is a crucial step in optimizing integrity management resources. ROSEN’s new digital solution for integrity management – NIMA – helps operators to digitalize and streamline their processes. NIMA enables rapid integrity and risk assessments and provides operators with both a detailed and high level view of their assets.

In this live webinar, it will be shown how a combined assessment of bending strain and corrosion was performed to increase the operational safety and reliability of an offshore pipeline, and how descriptive analytics techniques were applied to categorize its criticality.

Our experts will present the webinar live on July 25, 2019, in two sessions:

Portuguese Session
Presented by Erika Santana and Ricardo Nebias at 10:00 a.m. BRT (Brazilian time).

Spanish Session
Presented by Alejandro Reyes and Ivan Grosmann at 10:00 a.m. COT (Colombia time) and 12:00 p.m. ART (Argentina time).

Key Learning Objectives

Join the webinar to:

  • Understand how NIMA’s pattern recognition and spatial clustering algorithms enable streamlined in-house run comparisons, pipeline segmentation, and corrosion growth assessments,
  • Gain insight in how to integrate and align multiple inspection data sets for the assessment of combined threats,
  • Learn how simple but powerful descriptive analytics techniques can be used to categorize the criticality of an entire network.


This webinar is aimed at professionals with interest in digital transformation and responsibilities in pipeline integrity management.

About NIMA

With the amount of collected data and the complexity of integrity assessments increasing exponentially, the industry has been looking for a change in the integrity management software and services landscape. NIMA will bring this change by reducing complexity with intuitive data integration and systematic workflows.

NIMA can guide asset operators through the integrity management process and ensure that they are always in a position to make the best possible decisions towards operation availability and safety.

NIMA is not just software, because that would mean we are defining a set of functionalities upfront, installing the software and leaving the operator to the rest. Instead, NIMA is a framework that offers different levels of support to operators, depending on their individual needs. It consists of:

  • A flexible platform that allows for unlimited options of adaption to individual data management and integrity management requirements,
  • A process-building functionality that enables users to create and modify templates for integrity processes and integrated algorithms, as needed, and access templates created by others through an online library,
  • Instant expert consultancy services and efficient sharing of integrity management tasks through the cloud platform.

Learn more about NIMA here.

Presented by

Erika Santana
Principal Integrity Engineer

With over 25 years of experience in the Brazilian pipeline industry and academia, Dr. Santana now works at ROSEN UK supporting the R&D of digital technologies for asset integrity management. She has a doctorate in Material Sciences, a Master’s degree in Fracture Mechanics and hands-on experience as an operator’s senior consultant. She has worked as a volunteer for technical associations and events (including ASME, ASM, IBP, IPC, IPG,…), was Rio Pipeline Vice Chair (2015 and 2017) and is responsible for the implementation of ASM Brazil Materials Teachers Camp, a STEM project aimed to inspire today tomorrow’s engineers. She has authored several technical papers and is a professor and content developer at Faculdade Centro Leste in Brazil.


Alejandro Reyes
Integrity Management Software Product Manager

Alejandro Reyes is responsible for the strategy, lead and development of integrity management software at ROSEN. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering from the Nueva Granada University in Colombia. Previously, he has worked in the automotive industry and in an incubator for technology start-ups as technical advisor and coach for entrepreneurs. Since 2007, he is working in the oil and gas industry with a special focus on the automation and standardization of business processes and integrity engineering processes worldwide. He currently co-chairs the In-Line Inspection Group at the PODS Organization.


Ivan Grosmann
Head of Business Field Integrity Solutions Region South America

Since 2017 Ivan Grosmann is responsible for the commercial strategy, project quality and timely delivery of all ROSEN’s integrity engineering and integrity management software products and services for the South American region. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Buenos Aires University, as well as Master’s degree in Strategic Technology Management from Escuela de Organizacion Industrial in Madrid, Spain. He has a 12-years’ experience record in the oil and gas process and integrity industry, ranging from production facilities to pipelines and crude oil refineries. He has led new business developments for engineering companies in North and South America, and participated in large infrastructure projects for several major operators.


Ricardo Nebias
Integrity Technical Sales Specialist

Ricardo is responsible for ROSEN’s integrity sales development in South America. Ricardo has a more than 15-years’ experience working with pipeline integrity in which the majority was at the operator side as Integrity Coordinator of an onshore pipeline grid covering more than 1,200 km. He has an ongoing Master of Science and two post-graduation courses all related to pipeline integrity. He has more than 20 years of hands-on experience on steel making, mining and pipeline industry, and several international technical papers. Ricardo is a member of Rio Pipeline Conference technical committee and of ABENDI pipeline committee.