The concern for safety and the increasing need for compliance with regulatory requirements continue to pressure pipeline operators to develop comprehensive integrity assessments programs for their pipeline networks. With well over 40% of the world's pipeline network considered "Unpiggable" by standard ILI solutions many operators struggle to find viable solutions capable of providing accurate and reliable inspections and integrity assessments meeting the stringent standards set. In order to meet these needs operators have turned to ILI vendors to provide innovative solutions which can safely traverse their complex pipeline networks: we call them "Challenging" Pipelines.

This webinar provides the attendees with an overview around the latest developments in the field of "Challenging" pipeline inspections. Focusing on:

  • Challenging Pipeline Inspection: Pigging the Unpiggable.
  • Ultra-Compact MFL and UT Technologies Case Studies for Bi-Directional Operations
  • Recent Developments in Low Flow / Low Pressure Solutions for Gas Pipeline Inspections
  • Advancements in Robotic Pipeline Inspection Solutions

With all topics supported by relevant case studies including:

  • Robotic Multi Trotter MFL Inspection of 10" Gas Laterals.
  • Robotic Helix MFL inspection of 48" and 54" pipes.

Presented by

Corey Richards,
Business Unit Manager

Corey Richards is a member of ROSEN’s Challenging Diagnostics Division (CDD) located at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center Germany. He recently joined CDD as Business Development Manager in 2014 after working with ROSEN Canada for over 5 years in Commercial and Field Operational roles. Corey coordinates the service for challenging pipeline technologies in close cooperation with local ROSEN operating companies, pipeline operators and ROSEN’s technical experts. He has a strong background in electronics, ILI tool technologies and pipeline operations. Before working with ROSEN Corey attended SAIT Polytechnic’s Electronics Engineering Technology program.

Tom Steinvoorte,
Business Unit Manager

Tom Steinvoorte graduated as a commercial engineer in 2001. Employed by ROSEN, he has been managing complex offshore pipeline cleaning and inspection projects in the North Sea, including the 1200 km Langeled pipeline running from Norway to the United Kingdom. He has a broad experience in pigging of complex pipelines in challenging conditions. He now holds the position of business development manager for ROSEN’s recently established Challenging Diagnostic Division pipelines. This division is dedicated to providing tailored inspection solutions for unpiggable, or challenging pipelines.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Latest developments in Unpiggable ILI technology
  • Applications for bi-directional cleaning and inspection
  • Benefits and advantages of compact MFL and UT tools for bi-directional operations
  • Low Flow / Low Pressure tool applications



  • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
  • Pipeline Operations Managers
  • Integrity Engineers
  • ILI Specialists
  • Pipeline Engineers
  • Data Analysts