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Technical Assurance for Gas Industry Innovation

The UK gas distribution system comprises some 275,000 km of pipework. Polyethylene (PE) pipe now forms the bulk of the network, with reduced levels of gray iron, ductile iron and steel assets also present. A large number of associated valves, pressure regulators and meters also need to be maintained.

Prioritization for the repair or replacement of the aging assets is well established, but the future integrity of the distribution network depends on ensuring that all introduced and utilized products, equipment and techniques are suitable for their intended purpose. It is essential that the process by which these are evaluated ensures compliance with legislative requirements, gas industry/company standards, recognized specifications and relevant operational procedures, including best practice. Field trials may also be required to confirm the product, equipment or technique is suitable for the required application and to ensure risks are properly controlled before any full-scale introduction into the business, i.e. making sure that the products are “fit for purpose.”

We are pleased to invite you to a free webinar in which we will outline the process ROSEN uses to generate the data required to qualify products, from the development phases to initial implementation. We will present three different case studies of qualification testing for products in order to enable their use in the gas distribution networks, with examples of the associated testing and industry documents generated during these projects.

The webinar will be presented live on April 8, 2020, 3 PM London time.

Presented by

Chris Reed
Principal Engineer, ROSEN (UK) Limited

Technical expert in ROSEN’s UK Onshore Group with responsibilities for business development, product development and project delivery. Over 30 years of water and gas pipeline-related experience in both the UK and abroad working both within, and as a consultant to, utility companies. Planning, management and delivery of internal and external research programs, including international collaborative projects. Provision of underground asset-related technical assistance to utility companies located in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, South East Asia and Australasia. Former UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) client manager for the Water Distribution Mains and Services topic area; past chairman of the Northern Branch of the Pipeline Industries Guild.


Ben Smith
Senior Engineer, ROSEN (UK) Limited

A mechanical engineer in ROSEN’s UK Onshore Group with responsibilities for delivery of projects in gas network integrity engineering and consultancy. Over seven years of experience in oil and gas integrity management for onshore and subsea assets. Worked on recent innovation qualification projects, including the bonded saddle for reduced excavation gas mains connections, remotely monitored polyurethane syphon and water ingress investigation, and the ServiBoost temporary gas service pressure uplift device. Chairman of the IGEM North East and Yorkshire Section.


Lynsey Stevenson
Senior Engineer, ROSEN(UK) Limited

A mechanical engineer within ROSEN’s UK Onshore Group with responsibilities for delivery of projects in gas network integrity engineering and consultancy. Over 7 years of experience in oil and gas design and integrity management of onshore assets in both the UK and abroad. Worked on recent innovation projects, including PE Repair Systems.


  • To provide an understanding of the process for evaluating and approving products and techniques for use in UK gas distribution
  • Overview of the capabilities of ROSEN (UK) to undertake bespoke and approval testing to meet gas industry requirements
  • Case studies showing various steps in the processes depending on product technology readiness level and availability of suitable industry documents

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at professionals with responsibilities in pipeline integrity management and suppliers of products and services that could potentially be used for gas distribution network applications.


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