Integrated Approach

To fulfill the requirements of maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) validation comprehensively and holistically, ROSEN elaborated the unique “Integrated Approach”. This turn-key deliverable addresses all aspects required for the validation of the MAOP and comprises of three main complementary activities: Review & alignment of existing pipeline information, utilizing existing data and the RoMat PGS service with a novel ILI technology for pipe grade determination

All gathered information is prepared for easy integration into a geographical information system (GIS) and to be further processes in an integrity management system (IMS). During data integration a comprehensive alignment of records is provided. All information can then be further processed in an asset integrity management system (AIMS) such as ROAIMS.

The combination of these activities is adjusted to project specific needs and aligned to PHMSA’s drafted integrity verification processes (IVP) for pipeline safety. With ROSEN’s unique Integrated Approach an answer has been found for the growing demand for pipeline records which are verifiable, traceable and complete.

New RoMat PGS ILI Service

To perform meaningful calculations as part of risk assessment programs or fitness-for-service assessments, operators require accurate design information down to the single pipe joint on diameter, wall thickness, steel grade and seam type to determine the MAOP. Conventional ILI technology provides valuable pipeline information for MAOP calculation, however it does not provide pipe steel grade data. The steel grade of a pipeline and its subsequent yield strength usually has to be determined through costly field verifications.

Now ROSEN developed the world's first inline inspection service capable of continuously identifying and differentiating the pipe steel grade. In comparison to other statistics analyzed by 'in the ditch' methods our new service delivers a high resolution strength profile of the entire examined pipeline section. This makes ROSEN RoMat PGS ILI service unique.

This groundbreaking ILI service comes with the following key advantages:

  • Pipe Steel Grade Determination without costly excavations/field verifications
  • Completion of pipeline data records
  • Compliance to regulations
  • Lifetime integrity management supported by full recording of the inspection raw data.
  • High quality service with certified processes (API 1163), personnel qualification (ASNT) and equipment (CE, ATEX).
  • High availability and a wide range of proven tool configurations addressing individual operational pipeline requirements.


Presented by

Markus Brors,
General Manager - ROSEN Integrity Solutions

Markus is Executive General Manager of ROSEN Integrity Solutions, a company inside the ROSEN Group, focusing on the implementation and support of Integrity Management projects in the business segments “Pipelines” and “Plants & Terminals”.
For 8 years Markus has been involved in the commercialization and application of ROSEN’s integrity products and services portfolio as well as the project management of large integrity management software implementations and related engineering tasks worldwide.

Thomas Eiken,
Service Manager, Welding Supervisor - Rosen Technology and Research Center, Lingen

Thomas is Service Manager of Rosen's new RoMat ILI Service. He started his career as a project manager and welding supervisor in a German pipeline construction company. During this time, Thomas spent time with managing pipeline sites, developing of welding procedures, European and International standards and German regulation of pipelines.
Since 2013, Thomas works at the Rosen Technology and Research Center in Lingen as welding supervisor and support in regulation of international pipelines.


Key Learning Objectives

  • The Integrated Approach in the context of Integrity Verification Processes
  • Close a pipeline DNA gaps in SYMS by using the Inline inspection solution RoMat
  • Integrity Management Programs and the challenge of MAOP confirmation and uncomplete records
  • Give MAOP confirmation and re-confirmation a structure by using RoAIMS


  • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
  • Pipeline Operations Managers
  • Integrity Engineers
  • ILI Specialists
  • Pipeline Engineers
  • Data Analysts