ROSEN USA recently hosted the Southern Gas Association (SGA) workshop for the fourth time.

The SGA has a 100-year history of providing high quality training programs to the Natural Gas Industry. SGA works with their membership companies to develop programs that focus on providing high-level industry-centered information and training content.

"This is the fourth year that we have supported SGA by providing an environment to host the training and allowing for a facility tour that provides the attendees to get first-hand experience of the in-line inspection services and tools provided to the market", says Bryce Brown, ROSEN USA's General Manager for Products and Services.

Bryce continued, "It is also important to recognize that colleagues from MACAW are also a major contributor to this event. Iain Richardson from our New Castle office is a lecturer and gives training and insight to the attendees on different types of features and how they may interact and compromise the integrity of a pipeline, based on different codes and assessment criteria. This training session is held under the Pipeline Repair Methods workshop".

More information about SGA and the support provided by ROSEN can be found at