Winner of the NRG Battle 2013! The students of ROSEN Europe-Team 1: Bedashrita Chattoraj, Davide Garufi, Gautham Ram, Koen Hermans and Ankit Agarwal (not on picture).

ROSEN Europe is the winner of the 2013 European NRG Battle 2013: “The jury was very impressed of the innovative character of the base load concept for offshore wind parks developed by ROSEN Europe-Team 1”, said Reinhard Osterhage, General Manager Products and Services, ROSEN Europe.

The NRG Battle is an event for talented Bachelor and Master students from 53 different nationalities, who are interested in a career in the energy sector. It is an initiative from TTA World, a company to organize competitions to bring together the best of the best for innovation and accelerating business ideas. The participating companies from the energy sector provide real life business cases, form a team of students and work together to find the most suitable and feasible solutions ranging from fossil and renewable energy to energy savings and the quality of fuels. This year ROSEN Europe participated for the second time in the European NRG Battle.

The students worked on the cases in multi-disciplinary teams consisting of five students. At the end of the day, they present their results via a ‘pitch’ presentation to a jury consisting of CEOs and directors from the energy industry. ROSEN Europe’s cases for the NRG Battle 2013:
Case 1 - “Base Load Concept for Offshore Wind Parks” 
The Challenge: The team had to consider efficiency of energy storage concepts and discuss the energy transport and provision to the mainland.

Case 2 - “Water Depth Independent Offshore Wind Farm Setup”
The Challenge: The team had to look at the comparable cost efficiency as with standard water depth wind farms and to assess the energy transport to the mainland and provide a suitable solution. Furthermore a cost estimation for the set-up of such a wind park and a suitable approach for the energy storage had to be developed.

Before both teams competed in round two of the NRG Battle, a group of ROSEN experts from Regional Marketing and Human Resources together with case instructors Marc Baumeister (ROSEN Technology & Research Center) and Marten van der Rijst (ROSEN Europe) organized a meeting with the students in Oldenzaal. Here the students were given some background information about ROSEN as well as the case and its challenges. A facility tour gave deeper insights on the inspection technology provided by the ROSEN Group to the energy industry.

ROSEN Europe-Team 1 (Base Load Concept for Offshore Wind Parks) came out as the overall winner of round two and were selected for the finals of the European NRG Battle 2013. On November 19th the European NRG Battle 2013 finals took place during the Energy Delta Convention in Groningen (The Netherlands). A total of twelve final teams were competing by giving a five minutes pitch presentation. Although the presentation was challenging, ROSEN Europe-Team 1 was still able to convince the jury of their innovative ideas meeting all three criteria – novelty, utility and non-obvious of character. This made ROSEN Europe-Team 1 the overall winner of the European NRG Battle 2013.

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