ROSEN Lingen keeps investing in its site. For the last couple of years ROSEN Lingen has continuously been expanding in order to cope with the growth of the ROSEN Group.

After building the daycare facility ROKIDS in 2008, the ROPLAST hall in 2009, the new canteen in 2011 and the Innovation Center in 2012, a new logistics hall that complies with the most modern technological standards has now been built this year.

The investment in the new building is a natural consequence of the continuously growing site, where an ever greater inventory of supplies is needed in order to service the ROSEN OPCOS and branches globally. Approximately 950 tons of goods were shipped last year, clearly exceeding the capacity of the old logistics area. As the construction of the new hall had finalized in May 2013 ROSEN Lingen took the opportunity to inaugurate the newest building with an employee event to celebrate. On a Friday afternoon, right after work, employees gathered in the new extensive hall to chat and enjoy the BBQ that the canteen team was preparing.

That way the RTRC Lingen will strive to improve their function as a service provider within the ROSEN Group. More precisely the new organization will have a positive effect on our efficiency and therefore our time-to-market value - a valuable investment in the future.