ROSEN Group Vice President
Erik Cornelissen (right side) together with Marketing Managers Thomas Beuker and Marion Huisman at the rebranded ROSEN booth in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

During the Inauguration Ceremony of the 9th Rio Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Erik Cornelissen, Vice President of the ROSEN Group, gave a keynote address during the 1st conference luncheon. He surprised the audience announcing the rebranding of the ROSEN Group.

“A new brand, a new era and ROSEN continues to be empowered by technology” he said looking ahead for the industry and ROSEN. “Today, we use our technologies, experience and know how to develop new applications and solutions entering new industries as well. We will maintain our can do mentality.”  His speech was well received by the audience that was facing a brand new ROSEN design at the Exhibition as well.“