A new brand for a new era - the ROSEN Group continues to be empowered by technology.

“The tremendous growth and diversification over the last 30 years required a few changes, not only for ROSEN as a company but also for the way it looks,” said Hermann Rosen, founder and president of the ROSEN group on the occasion of the rebranding event in Stans, Switzerland. ”Our main distinguishing skill is to listen to customers, to recognize their needs, and to propose the right solutions that exceed their expectations. This has and will always be the driver of our technology research and development – and therefore the key to developing outstanding solutions that create maximum value for our customers,” continues the founder and president of the company who has personally started the transition phase at the beginning of this year to a new management with Friedrich Hecker as new CEO.

What began as an engineering company for inspection in the oil and gas industry is today a worldwide provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain with more than 2000 employees in over 120 countries worldwide.

“ROSEN’s new corporate design reflects ROSEN as a global provider of a vast collection of superior technologies and solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain suiting a wide range of industries: Oil & Gas, Energy, Process, Mining, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Transportation for a wide range of assets, including pipeline, tanks and vessels as well as wind turbines, trains, telecommunication towers and many more”, comments Friedrich Hecker on the launch of the new design this week.  
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