ROSEN is proud to announce that BUREAU VERITAS has issued a Conformity Statement.

ROSEN is proud to announce that BUREAU VERITAS has issued a Conformity Statement confirming that the methodology embedded in ROSEN`s highly acclaimed ROAIMS Pipeline Integrity Management Software Suite fully complies with the requirements of the following globally relevant codes, namely ASME B31.8S, API 1160 and PNGRB-IMS. Asset Integrity Management Software, as incorporated into the ROAIMS suite is essential in order to handle the large volumes of inspection, operations related and material data involved in the integrity decision making progress.

The suite of software provided by ROSEN consists of a collection of interoperable software tools that support asset maintenance planning in a reliable, safe and cost-effective way. The key objective of ROAIMS is to enable an efficient, auditable and well-structured integrity process to support operators and add value to their business. The assessment performed by BUREAU VERITAS revealed 100% compliance to the above mentioned standards and therefore confirms the quality and effectiveness of ROSEN`s ROAIMS suite in effectively supporting the Pipeline and Asset Integrity Management Systems of operators in the oil & gas industry.

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