This year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exposition (IPC) has been a tremendous success, both for the organizers and for ROSEN.

This premier pipeline event is held every two years in Calgary, Canada and is visited by pipeline professionals from all over the world. This year for the first time ever, all 1400 seats at the conference were sold out. The event attracted delegates from over 40 countries.

Over 170 companies exhibited at the Exposition running in parallel to the Technical Conference with 12 different technical tracks organized by the Volunteers working with the Pipeline Systems Division of ASME.


Daryl Ronsky, GVP of ROSEN Canada, commented about ROSEN’s participation at the conference: “This conference is a celebration of 20 years of IPC Conferences and this year was the biggest and best ever for the organizers. The Conference itself sold out with over 1400 attendees. 360 Technical papers were presented and with the quality of papers getting better and better making it harder for papers to become accepted.

ROSEN participation in 2014 was a real representation of our capabilities across Business Lines and across our Regional organizations. We had over 30 participants and were able to bring together in one place our Challenging, Advanced, Integrity Solutions, Intelligent Plastics Solutions and Cleaning businesses. We also had strong representation in Calgary from our European and US regions as well as a very strong contingent from Innovation Center in Lingen.”


As a committed Platinum Sponsor ROSEN showed a great presence at the event with a large and innovative booth, featuring ROSEN`s new robotic host. In addition to providing a broad overview of the products & services offered by the ROSEN Group, specific themes were introduced featuring specialized services for the oil & gas industry:

  • Challenging Diagnostics Services with display of our latest RoHelix tool capable of inspecting 48” and 54” pipe
  • Advanced inspection services for Crack Detection utilizing the latest range of ultrasonic in-line inspection tools utilizing piezo-electric ultrasound as well as electro-magnetic transmission (EMAT) technologies,
  • Integrity Solutions software products and services providing a full range of pipeline integrity management capabilities including GIS functionality and Risk Analysis tools,
  • new technologies for precise flow measurement
  • Intelligent Plastic Solutions on display showcasing the new internally coated pipe being developed for the Alberta Oil Sands.

ROSEN experts have also presented a number of papers including the following:

  • “Combining Speed Control Function and Wye Passage in a Long Subsea Gas Line: A Case Study”, authored by H. Lindner, H. van Remmerden (ROSEN) and A. Shamgar (Williams),
  • “Leveraging HCA Results in an Advanced Pipeline Risk Assessment Model”, authored by O. Huisman, R. Almandoz, T. Schuster, A. Andrade Caballero, L. Martinez Forero (ROSEN),
  • “A Novel Approach for Pipe Grade Determination Through In-Line Inspection (ILI)”, authored by authored by D. Molenda, W. Thale (ROSEN),
  • “Validation of EMAT ILI for Management of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Natural Gas Pipelines”, authored by T. Fore (Kinder Morgan), S. Klein, C. Yoxall (ROSEN),

Experts from MACAW Engineering have presented on the following topics:

  • “Integration of Laser Surface Scanning and Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis for the Assessment of Volumetric Corrosion in Pipeline Fittings”, authored by R. Andrews, M. Hadden, P. Casson (MACAW), T. Kashap, S. Johnstone (National Grid),
  • “Under Pressure Welding and Preheat Temperature Decay Times on Carbon Dioxide Pipelines”, authored by S. Slater, R. Andrews, P. Boothby (MACAW), J. Barnett (National Grid Carbon), K. Armstrong (GL Noble Denton),
  • “Assessment of an Existing Hot Tap Connection Bord Gáis Éireann Brighouse Bay Gas Export Terminal”, authored by P. Boothby, R. Andrews, S. Slater (MACAW), G. Canty (Bord Gáis Networks),

Additionally the following Poster Presentations:

  • “Detection and Sizing of Subcritical Cracks Using Ultrasonic In-Line Inspection Methods”, authored by H. Brueske, S. Bauer (ROSEN)
  • “Investigation of Assessment of Low-Frequency ERW Seam Imperfections By EMAT and CMFL ILI”, authored by R. Kania (TransCanada), R. Weber (ILI Consulting), S. Klein (ROSEN).