The world´s largest corrosion conference with over 6000 attendees from 70 countries took place in March in San Antonio, Texas.

NACE International is the leader in the corrosion control community, and is recognized worldwide as the premier authority for corrosion solutions. Over the course of the five day event, over 300 exhibitors and about 6,000 attendees from more than 60 countries participated in the conference and tradeshow activities.*

The visitors at our ROSEN booth were offered to learn more about the integrated portfolio of products and services that ROSEN provides including our Pipeline and Integrity Solutions products.

Michael Magerstädt, Corporate Marketing Manager Industry, presented two cutting-edge ROSEN technologies to the corrosion control community. The two topics discussed were:


Erosion-Corrosion Prevention by High Performance Polyurethane Elastomer Coatings


High Performance Polyurethane Elastomers provide excellent wear protection in slurry and tailings pipelines. Steel pipes protected by in-house developed RoCoat™ wear coating are now in commercial operation in oil sands, phosphate, and other mining operations around the world. For the operator, design life extension of pipes by RoCoat up to a factor of 10 translates into savings of multimillion $ plus a reduced environmental footprint.

Fluid Powered Mechanical Cleaning Tool for Pipelines

Under-deposit corrosion poses a significant problem in mature oil pipelines. Corrosion inhibitors cannot reach the pipe wall if deposits fill pits and dents in the steel. For a very long pipeline with varying diameters a pipeline cleaning tool with powered brushes was designed and tested. This tool concept breaks new ground in that 

  • It actively and thoroughly cleans pits using driven brushes;
  • It is able to pass multi-diameter pipelines;
  • It harvests energy from the product stream to drive the brushes; no on-board battery is needed.


*Source NACE web