Also this year the ROSEN Group was the Platinum Sponsor of the 9th Pipeline & Technology Conference which, for the first time, took place in Berlin from May 12 – 14th.

Since 2006, the main focus of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) is on latest technologies and new developments in the international pipeline industry. The special focus of the ptc 2014 was on “Leak Detection and Monitoring”, “Compressor and Pump Stations” and “Offshore Technologies”.

ROSEN presented three papers:
• Process Based Validation of Ultrasound Crack Detection Reporting Results
Author: Mr. Stefan Bauer, Product Manager- RTRC Lingen
Presented by: Mr. Henning Brueske, Service Manager - RTRC Lingen.

• Long-Term Corrosion Protection of Pipelines by High Performance Polyurea Spray Coatings
Author: Dr. Michael Magerstaedt, Corporate Marketing Manager- Industry

• Validation of EMAT ILI Technology for Gas Pipeline Crack Inspection: A Case Study for 20 inch pipeline
Author: Mr. Richard Kania, TCPL  (TransCanada Pipelines)
Presented by: Mr. Matthias Hilvert, Service Manager, RTRC Lingen

With over sixty five percent of the participants coming from outside of Germany, this year’s conference was more international than the ones before. This was also reflected in the high number of foreign visitors coming to the ROSEN booth during the event. Being the platinum sponsor ROSEN had a twenty four square meter booth on a prime location. ROSEN’s main focus was on UT and EMAT technologies for all types of cracks in all types of pipelines. Additionally, an eight inch Magneto-Scan MFL-Tool, which has a higher resolution than the average MFL-tool, was exhibited.

ROSEN sponsored the PTC Welcome Party, which took place on the first evening of the conference. The party was opened by Thomas Beuker, Director of Corporate Marketing ROSEN Group, who gave a short speech together with PTC’s chairman, Dr. Klaus Ritter, in front of our ROSEN booth.