The ROSEN Group is attending the 2014 Northern Area Western Conference (NAWC) in Edmonton, Canada from January 27-30.

In alignment with this year´s conference theme “Safeguarding People, Property and the Environment through Asset Integrity Management” experts from the ROSEN Group will present solutions with regards to the prevention of pipeline corrosion by polyurethane coatings as well as the identification and assessment of pipeline coating using EMAT ILI technology.

The ROSEN Group will present its new brand appearance the first time in Western Canada, featuring a completely new booth. This year’s display is an active model demonstrating the protective strength of ROSEN's polyurethane elastomer coating at the inner steel wall of pipelines.

N. Daryl Ronsky, Vice President ROSEN Canada, Ltd., will present a paper on the “Support of Pipeline Integrity Management by Identification and Assessment of Pipeline Coating using EMAT ILI Data.” The Electro-Magnetic Acoustical Transducer (EMAT) technology can be utilized irrespective of the media being transported in the pipeline, be it liquids or gas and offers an efficient and cost effective methodology for the identification of SCC (stress corrosion cracking). Detection, identification and sizing of cracks and crack-life features  in pipelines involves a complex data integration and analysis process. This process is supported by using multiple EMAT data sets during the analysis process to achieve high certainties and reduce unnecessary investigative excavations and validation costs. The presentation outlines the EMAT ILI tool operation, data integration and the analysis process to enable an exceptionally high Probability of Detection (POD) and Identification (POI). The effectiveness of this approach is illustrated through case studies of natural gas pipelines that have a SCC history.

Michael Magerstaedt, Corporate Manager Marketing Industry, ROSEN Group, will speak about “Erosion-Corrosion Prevention by High Performance Polyurethane Elastomer Coatings”. RoCoat™, the internal coating made from high performance polyurethane elastomers, developed by ROSEN, has proven its strong erosion protection capability over the last few years. Field tests showed that the life time of steel pipes in tailings lines can be extended by a factor of 8-10. Lab results indicated  that these coatings also effectively prevent corrosion. There is now field evidence proving  that high performance polyurethane elastomer coatings even outperformed chromium-carbide overlays (CCOs) in a very critical area of a highly turbulent tailings stream.

Please visit us at booth 66 in the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton and find out more about ROSEN's solutions in the field of Asset Integrity Management.

More information about NACE Northern Area Westerns Conference can be found on the conference website