The ROSEN Group has introduced the globally first 4” in-line inspection tool utilizing combined high resolution ultrasound technology for wall thickness measurement and crack inspection services.

The new combined ultrasonic inspection services named “RoCombo UT-A/UT” comprises full coverage ultrasonic metal loss and wall thickness measurement as well as ultrasonic detection of circumferential oriented cracking within a single inspection run. Characteristic especially for the 4” inspection tool is the high grade of miniaturization of the components while preserving the well-known reliability of ROSEN’s inspection technologies. This unique new tool is also available for 6“ heavy wall pipeline systems extending ROSEN’s abilities to serve customers’ needs.

Major benefits to customers of using combined inspection technologies are for instance savings during pipeline preparation, less downtime during the batching operation and a full range of high resolution inspection data on potential metal loss and cracks. The high quality data can subsequently be used for advanced integrity assessment purposes.

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