Beginning September 8th, the ROSEN Group is starting the first Alberta Bound Roadshow to promote its Intelligent Plastic Solutions activities in Canada.

A extensive number experts from different ROSEN locations worldwide are supporting both roadshow and exhibition raising potential customers’ awareness of ROSEN Intelligent Plastic Solutions’ presence in Alberta to a new level.

The Alberta Bound Roadshow contains a series of events built around the Oil Sands Trade Show in Fort McMurray September 9th & 10th. The events will include information sessions regarding pipe coating and other solutions, technical papers on wear protection, a discussion period, and an introduction to the new facility in Alberta. This new facility will encompass internal pipe coating, pipe refurbishment for pipe re-lining as well as manufacturing of our Intelligent Plastic Solutions product line, most prominently RoCoat™ internal abrasion protection liner.

Six specialty spool pieces coated with RoCoat™ manufactured in Lingen/Germany during the past months as part of a development project, were shipped to Calgary. With these pieces, the ROSEN Group wants to present to customers that they can offer coating not only just for straight pipelines but also for special projects, where, for example a “T-piece”, is needed.
With these exhibitions, the ROSEN Group wants to demonstrate to its customers the capabilities that ROSEN Intelligent Plastic Solutions are now establishing in Canada. The exhibition goes in line with the newly planned facility in Calgary, where its planned to go on stream pipe coating during the first quarter of 2015.

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