The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum 2014 held in June in Lingen at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Germany. Picture showing the Panel discussion in ROSENs new Innovation Center.

The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum held in June in Lingen at the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Germany was a huge success focusing on key questions inside the oil and gas industry with approx. 150 guests from over 20 countries participating.

“The key take away from our panel discussions is that the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas is the key factor to boost innovation processes”, said Friedrich Hecker, CEO of the ROSEN Group. He continued to say that it is crucial for the benefit of the whole industry to bring operators, regulators and innovators together to one table.” He highlighted the importance of exchange between all relevant stakeholders and appreciated the open feedback and discussions from operators and regulators.

Within three subsequent panel discussions, highly reputable members from  Industry Associations, Operators, Universities, Regulatory and Government Representatives discussed intensively on the topics of Assurance, Innovation and Safety. 


The panel discussions where followed  by technical workshops, live technology demonstrations and facility tours, whereas ROSEN opened its Technology & Research Center showcasing some of the latest technologies being developed in Germany. Other highlights included the demonstration of ROSENs  new EMAT flow meter technology, pipe grade evaluation for aging assets as well as a deep insight on ROSENs stress feature in welding zones and identification capabilities.

At the end of the Forum, participants agreed on the importance to have these kind of exchange platforms to drive the industry to more innovative solutions for the future.

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