In a joint venture with PBJV Group and Petronas, the ROSEN Cleaning Support Team and Kuala Lumpur operating unit was able to provide a customized cleaning solution for the pre-commissioning of 354 Kilometers of 24” and 28” multiphase gas pipelines.


The specific challenges for this cleaning solution included a long list of geometrical features, difficult operating conditions, as well as just 8 weeks from order to delivery of the complete scope of work.

The solution provided consisted of 7 high performance dual diameter/dual module dewatering cleaning tools, handling equipment, as well as testing to ensure the success of the work.

ROSEN was able to deliver the comprehensive package in the short time required, as well as provide high quality technology. The remarkable performance of the dewatering tools was evident as they emerged from the dry pipeline run with minor wear and tear. This only confirmed the optimal sealing for the dewatering of the pipeline.

More detailed information in regards to this Case Study can be found here.