ROSEN Group has won this year’s prestigious ASME Global Pipeline Award (GPA).

ROSEN Group has won this year’s prestigious ASME Global Pipeline Award. The trophy was handed to Hermann Rosen, President and CEO of the ROSEN Group during an award ceremony at the Rio Pipeline Conference in September.

ROSEN received first price amongst a group of 17 contenders for their innovative Pipe Grade Determination Service. This novel service is the first of its kind utilizing a new generation of In-line Inspection sensor technology to determine material specifications of operational pipelines including yield strength and ultimate tensile strength.

The benefit of this service for operators is the ability to document the actual pipe grade of their operating systems - for each pipe joint. Precise knowledge of these material specifications is essential to evaluate the integrity assessment purposes.



The Global Pipeline Award is awarded annually by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and presented during the Rio Pipeline Conference and the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary. The prize is awarded for a outstanding contributions, including research and development, products and services in the field of pipeline engineering.

Please find here a video that has been developed together with Southern Star Central Gas Pipelines (KY, USA), providing more information on this service.

Key note speech from Hermann Rosen

Also, at the conference Hermann Rosen presented a key note speech covering the history and evolution of in-line inspection. In his presentation he provided an in-depth overview of the in-line inspection history all the way back to its beginnings in the 1960s.

He further covered the evolution of ILI technologies up to today and the wider role ILI has within pipeline integrity management.

The highlight of the keynote was captured in three major messages regarding the future needs of our industry:

  1. In-line inspection technologies to measure material specifications as well as local loading conditions.
  2. A mind-set change in the relationship of vendors and operators towards a partnership approach and
  3. A mind-set shift in maintenance from a re-active to a more predictive approach making full use of technology developments in the fields of monitoring and data mining.