ROSEN Group is proud to again be a major partner of the 2015 Pipeline Pigging Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) as the main Elite Platinum Sponsor.

Houston (US), Stans, (CH), January 26th, 2015 - “It is our pleasure to be – once again - the main sponsor for this important forum of industry experts with over 120 companies attending”, says Chris F. Yoxall, Executive Vice President, ROSEN USA, who looks back at over 20 years of industry experience.

According to the organizer PPIM is the “industry´s only forum devoted exclusively to pigging for maintenance and inspection, as well as pipeline integrity evaluation and repair. The conference will draw engineering management and field operating personnel from both transmission and distribution companies concerned with improving operations and integrity management.”

This makes PPIM unique in the industry and an important forum for ROSEN to actively participate in. “We are proud of being given the opportunity to demonstrate again our expertise in providing solutions for our customers applications as well as addressing future challenges for both our customers and the industry,” says Chris F. Yoxall, who is globally active with industry memberships and involved in development and oversight of standards and practices related to pipeline inspection and integrity assessment, including PRCI, ASME, NACE, and APIA.

This year, the PPIM has clustered the topics under the following key aspects: Utility tools and applications, ILI interpretation, cracks and their identification, welds and materials, offshore issues as well as ILI data.

Thursday, February 12th at 9 a.m.

  • “MAOP validation and pipe grade determination using ILI technologies”

    Dr. Daniel Molenda, Werner Thale, and Thomas Eiken (all Rosen Technology & Research Center, Germany)

  • “Integrity management of loading line systems”

    Frank J. Mueller, ROSEN Group Dubai, UAE; Guenter Sundag, ROSEN Group, Houston TX, US; Stefan Vages ROSEN Group, Calgary, CAN and Jaime Lopez, ROSEN Group, Nueva Anzures, Mexico

Thursday, February 12th, 9:30 a.m.

  • “Combining speed-control function and wye passage in a long subsea gas line – a case study”

    Dr . Hubert Lindner, ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Germany, Hans van Remmerden, ROSEN Group, USA, and Amit Shamgar, Williams Transco, USA

ROSEN Presents The Integrated Approach For Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure Validation

“Missing Data?” Many pipeline operators face uncertainties regarding the Yield Strength (YS) of the pipeline material to establish a maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP). At the PPIM we present how our unique Integrated Approach is capable of fulfilling the requirements of MAOP validation comprehensively and holistically.

Please visit the ROSEN Booth at #201 and #300 to learn more about our technology first hand.

For more information about the ROSEN Group’s engagement at the PPIM 2015, please follow this link.

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