The ROSEN Group exhibited end of July at the NACE PIMS Seminar in Quito, Ecuador.

ROSEN presented a technical paper on the tendencies for Pipeline Integrity Management Seminar (PIMS) in South America covering topics like, asset management excellence, Risk Management, AIMS Implementations.

The paper addressed the process and tendency within South America for pipeline operator undertaking to ensure that its existing Integrity Management System was implemented and used in accordance with international standards, guidance and best practice, while providing a full audit trail for regulator.

Pipeline integrity management requirements and expectations have been evolving and will carry having a tendency to change in the future. Pipeline operators face many challenges to operate aging assets safely and efficiently, constantly balancing performance, risk and opportunities.

Topics discussed at the Seminar were also: Integrity Management, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Inspections technologies, KPI Management, Asset Life extension, as well as corrosion analysis, control and prevention.

The visitors appreciated the effort done by the ROSEN Group to present in details their Integrity Solution portfolio as well as their capabilities, and was rewarded by a NACE award.

From left to right: Luis Fernando Giraldo (ROSEN SA Sales Manager), Francisco Medina (ROSEN SA, Integrity Solutions Regional Director), Erica Cortina (NACE International Account Executive) & Lesley Martinez (NACE International Account Executive)