As a world leader of asset integrity management, the ROSEN Group was the main sponsor for the PPIM 2015.

This year, approximately 120 companies participated in the Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Exhibition. According to the conference organizer Clarion, PPIM is “the industry’s only forum devoted exclusively to pigging for maintenance and inspection, as well as pipeline integrity evaluation and repair.”

Check out this video to find more information about the ROSEN Group at the PPIM:

ROSEN Group´s Executive Vice President, Chris F. Yoxall was lecturing at PPIM, sharing knowledge with both experienced and newcomers to the industry.

“I have been providing these lectures a couple of times a year for the last 4 years, supporting Clarion, and ensuring that the experienced gained is shared. Having started in the business over 20 years ago, I was fortunate that I had opportunities for others to take time to part their knowledge with me. I see this somewhat of a duty of care for many of us that have been privileged to spend many years in the industry. Our industry will remain a much better place if we continue to give back as much, if not more than we received", said Yoxall.

Chris F. Yoxall is also passionate in supporting young professionals in the pipeline industry having been involved in the Young Pipeliners Forum (YPF) in Australia as well as the recent establishment of the Young Pipeliners Professionals (YPP) in The United States.

“We, from the ROSEN Group, consider it is our responsibility to continue to invest in the industry. We are driven by long term visions and we will continue on this path”, concluded Chris F. Yoxall.