The biennial Euromining 2015 in Tampere, Finland on 20th/21st of May 2015, attracted mining experts from all over Europe. The show was attended by over 1500 visitors from the industry who took the opportunity to network and check out the latest technological developments.

In the conference sessions of the show, technical papers on wear reduction solutions in the mining industry were held. From the ROSEN Group, Rainer Altmeppen, Sales Manager, presented a paper on Wear Reduction Solutions based on Polyurethane Coatings.

The paper addressed methods and limits for optimized design and material selection to increase the integrity and the lifetime of the assets. A number of Intelligent Plastic Solutions (IPS) delivered to the mining industry was part of the paper.

ROSEN provides superior coatings with excellent material properties. RoPlasthan high performance polyurethane elastomers exhibit extremely high abrasion resistance; tear propagation resistance, and extraordinarily high adhesion to steel. This combination of features has helped establish RoPlasthan polyurethane products as the industry’s choice for protective products and abrasion protection in mining operations.

The ROSEN Group was supported by DUKTUS Rohrsysteme GmbH based in Wetzlar, Germany. Duktus is one of the largest European suppliers of ductile iron pipe systems.

For slurry transportation in the mining industry the pipes can be internally coated with RoCoat 3000. The pipes feature a system that allows weld- and flangeless connections. The very fast pipe connection in the field and the impressing adhesion of the coating has raised interest at Engineering houses and operators during the show.