ROSEN Group exhibits a joint model developed together with the companies Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG and KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH at the Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) in Berlin.

Starting next week Monday, June 8th, the PTC will be held in Berlin where the ROSEN Group as Platinum Sponsor of the PTC together with the Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG * and KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH ** will present a model that has been jointly developed as a solution for leakage monitoring with measurement and automation technology.

The automation technology of Phoenix Contact shown on the model ensures reliable transfer of all relevant process data from different communication networks. Holistic automation solutions, maximum explosion protection for all Ex zones and for all gas and dust groups and homogeneous redundancy ensure maximum system availability.

The heart of the power spectrum of the company KROHNE in this pipeline model is the inline leak monitoring PipePatrol. Furthermore, the new system PipeProtect initiates directly an emergency shutdown in particularly critical pipeline sections when a large leakage occurs.

The participation of the ROSEN Group in this project is a cleaning tool as well as an intelligent Bidi ultrasound tool. In addition, the model shows an internally coated tube, wherein a protective layer made of polyurethane effectively protects a steel pipe from abrasion and wear.

After a first successful placement at the Hannover Fair 2015 this model of cooperation will be placed next in June at the Achema in Frankfurt.


* The Phoenix Contact Germany GmbH is a global leader and innovator for electronic components and systems in the electrical, connecting and automation technology and offers among others solutions in the areas of transport infrastructure, electric mobility, renewable energies and smart power grids and energy-efficient mechanical and plant engineering to.

** KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of solutions for industrial process optimization with a wide range of process measurement instrumentation, services and solutions in the oil and gas, the water and wastewater industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and mining and Marine.