In close cooperation with SNAM, the ROSEN Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division was able to provide a tailored inspection solution for an Ultra-Low Flow pipeline.

The specific challenges for this particular solution were primarily the extremely low operating conditions, as low as 0.1 m/s, significantly increasing the risk of a stationary tool.

The solution provided revolved around a customized pull unit which provided optimum sealing. In addition, a low friction magnetizer was used to reduce the risk of a stationary tool due to bypass. Finally, the total inspection time was extended by installing additional batteries in the pull unit.

As ROSEN carried out the inspection service valuable integrity data was collected which allowed SNAM to continue the safe operation of their pipeline. ROSEN’s low flow solution did not impact the operation of the pipeline at all, while no compromise was made on the inspection quality.

More detailed information in regards to this case study can be found here.