Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Technical Workshop Series held across the Asia Pacific region

Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Technical Workshop Series held across the Asia Pacific region: Monday February 22nd – Miri, Malaysia, Wednesday February 24th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Monday February 29th – Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a whole the workshop series introduced solutions for challenging pipeline diagnostics to more than 100 operators in the region. Each workshop consistently introducing the topics and inviting participants to participate in classifying your asset and identifying the solution. How did the days go? Here is an excerpt from the workshop in Miri, Malaysia.

Good Morning Miri Malaysia!

The last day of Chinese New Year, February 22nd 2016, and the Marriott Resort in Miri was in full swing by 8 am, approximately 60 operators eager to visit the Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Technical Workshop presented by a crew of experts from the region and the challenging pipeline diagnostics division.  As is suit the day began with a safety moment.  The following introduction included a brief overview of the ROSEN Group in the region, when did we start, how are we progressing?

This was followed by an introduction to the ROSEN Group and Challenging Pipelines – threats, obstacles, reasons for inspection.  The event continued with an overview of ILI Technologies available and their advantages and disadvantages presented by local experts.

Classify your assets

After a short break the event took a turn towards the more complicated, back to challenging pipelines, low flow and low pressure review of running tools in these environments supported by specific case studies. This session perfectly set up for the breakout sessions to follow.

Following the review the large group was divided into 5 smaller groups and were asked to ‘classify your assets’.  Following the ‘decision charts’ provided, which address accessibility, negotiability, and propulsion, the operators were catapulted into the shoes of a vendor, only getting a mere glimpse of the complicated procedures needed when identifying challenging pipelines. 

Each group was provided with a set of pipeline details, similar to the information the ROSEN team would generally receive, and worked out whether the asset was to be inspected using traditional ILI approaches, challenging, or was in fact unpiggable. After a short presentation by each group a much needed lunch break was provided by the hotel.

Single access? No problem


After lunch, a presentation called: Single access? No problem – evaluating bi-directional inspections both free swimming and tethered, was able to give valuable insight into the all too common issue in challenging pipelines. The next challenging topic presented was focused on robotic solutions. This session introduced the wide possibilities available with ROSEN and hinted towards the future of robotic development.

Soon enough it was time for breakout session 2. Once again operators found themselves in a vendor role, however now, using the ‘Challenging Diagnostics Toolbox’, were asked to find an inspection solution for their challenging asset.  This session resulted in a wide variety of inspection solutions. Each team introduced their solution briefly.

At 16:30 the intense day of Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics came to an end with an overview and closing remarks. Overall this event proved to be successful in introducing customers to the world of challenging pipelines as well as the endless possibilities made available with the ROSEN Group in the region.