The ROSEN Group is proud to release the new ROSEN Integrity Solutions brochure: Trusted Expertise.

This 20-page brochure provides an overview of the portfolio and how our team addresses many of today’s challenges in Asset Integrity Management.

“We’ve constantly extended our capabilities over the last years. Therefore aside the portfolio itself, we focused on highlighting the range of assets we support with our services. Today we’re proud to be a globally spread team, with a significant track record resulting from the solid work we’re delivering.” said Markus Brors, Group Business Line Manager Integrity Solutions.

ROSEN offers cost effective state-of-the-art solutions addressing each discipline in the integrity management process. The environment today requires the highest levels of competence, expertise and knowledge to reach the right conclusions.

We offer you the full range of required systems and services; from high level procedural and organizational definitions to detailed engineering assessments. We are backed up by a substantial R&D team and therefore have access to the most sophisticated technologies – ensuring that you lead the way. Benefit from our expertise