PRCI Members visit ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Lingen, Germany.

Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) held its Spring 2016 Meeting of its Pipeline Technical Committees in Amsterdam, which was well attended by PRCI members, especially given the challenging times of the industry. The ROSEN Group, as a Technical Program Associate Member of PRCI was proud to participate in this event and co-host the meeting, supporting industry accordingly.

In a welcome letter from Hermann Rosen, to all PRCI members attending the meeting, Mr. Rosen, acknowledged the difficult times our industry is facing today and thanked all for making the effort to attend, especially under such circumstances.  Mr. Rosen also recognized the PRCI on their research achievements highlighting the Technology Development Center.   In closing, he emphasized the importance of global cooperation and welcomed all members to the RTRC.

Mr. Rosen’s vision for the industry heavily supports the coming together of all stakeholders in the Industry, a week prior to the PRCI visit, at the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum he stated, “It is my firm belief that all of us can only meet future requirements placed on our industry, with all the increasing complexity involved, by cooperating and understanding each other better.”

PRCI president, Cliff Johnson, in his welcoming address, thanked the ROSEN Group for their support and acknowledged the appreciation on behalf of all members.

As part of the meeting, PRCI members visited the ROSEN Technology & Research Center in Lingen, Germany and were given a welcoming presentation by Mr. Dirk Maiwald, responsible for the technology development of the ROSEN Group.  Dirk provided an overview of the organization with a specific focus on Research & Development as undertaken by ROSEN and role the RTRC plays.

Dirk Maiwald introduces the research and development mentality of the ROSEN Group.


This overview provided a framework understanding of ROSEN and supported preparing all PRCI members for the facility tour that awaited all. The facility tour included an overview of:

Test Field: Throughout the year screening and final tests are done here. All tool concepts, current and new technologies, and both the mechanical and measurement components of tools are tested and validated here.

The facility is set up for full scale testing, with a diameter range of 3”- 56”, allowing for support with any individual challenge. For example: a custom built tower and riser set up to allow for the testing of  crawlers, and other challenging applications. The ROSEN test field is not only prepared to test onshore but also offshore applications.

A total of around 2000 pipe joints were recorded last year, corresponding to a total length of about 6000 meters of pipeline.

A brief visit to the testing facility in Lingen demonstrates the large range of possibilities.


Testing & Calibration Hall: Built to support latest advances in technologies and applications, the Test and Calibration Hall was opened in 2014. 24 x 48 meters equipped with test facilities, workshop, operating and a ‘showroom’, the hall currently houses facilities for the new EMAT flow metering technology.

Visitors discover the test and calibration hall and the new flow metering technology.


Factory: Here creative ideas are transformed into innovative and competitive products of the highest quality in the shortest delivery time. This includes the manufacturing and maintenance of our inspection equipment, and a wide range of focus areas, including:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Sensor manufacturing
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Testing and quality control
  • Logistics
  • Central spare parts warehouse

There are more than 250 employees which includes more than 20 trainees. In an effort to transfer our current knowledge to the generations to come the ROSEN Group has a heavy focus on education and certification. Looking ahead is not only about the technologies applied but also about people.

Enhanced materials facility: Here visitors were able to explore the way how ROSEN links the outstanding material properties of the in house formulated RoPlasthan polyurethane with intelligent monitoring electronics. The experts on location also introduced the industries where intelligent plastic solutions can be installed such as oil and gas, mining, tunneling or wind energy.

Discovering the possibilities of intelligent plastics.


ROSEN in Lingen: Also as part of the facility tour the RoBigs bilingual grade school and the RoKids day care were highlighted. This school is the only Bi-lingual grade school (elementary school) in the Emsland and with this not only allows this ROSEN location with 20 different nationalities and more than 800 employees access to schooling but also enriches the entire community.

In the heart of the oil and gas industry in Germany is the core of the research and development for the ROSEN Group.


On completion of the facility tour, all members joined for lunch followed by a brain storming session.  Chris Yoxall, Vice President of ROSEN in USA, and also an executive board member of the EPCRC in Australia, spoke to the members about the importance of industry collaboration and emphasizing that all stake holders need to work in closer cooperation.  ROSEN, as an industry leader and motivated by long term visions recognizes this need and encourages the cooperation of all accordingly. 

Having had an appreciation of ROSEN’s approach to innovative research and development, the members concluded the visit with a short brain storming session looking at current industry trends and what the industry may look like in the year 2030.

This was an interesting effort and certainly gave all some food for thought about what the future may look like and the industry wants that need to be addressed.  Summarized, these include;

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Smart Pipelines
  • Non-intrusive Repair Methods
  • Decentralized Power Production
  • Less Oil And More Other Products In Pipelines
  • High Increase Of Data and Data Management

Taking a brief look into the future to discover future trends.


A few words from the visitors:

“ROSEN's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation at all levels was apparent throughout the daylong visit.  I was equally impressed with ROSEN's commitment to the development of its employees.  Thank you so much for sharing this with your PRCI colleagues!” Marie Quintana, Technical Director & Chief Engineer, R&D, Lincoln.

“After visiting ROSEN, I think both PRCI & ROSEN are based on the common understanding of developing “Value based research.”  Collaborative research can bring PRCI & ROSEN closer and generate immediate value maintaining integrity of pipelines.” Satish Kulkarni, Asset Integrity Manager, Chevron.

“I was really impressed with ROSEN’s facility in Lingen.  The creativity and energy of the staff coupled with state of the art, on site manufacturing provided a synergy for innovation.” Scott Baumgardner, Senior Engineer, Marathon Petroleum Company.