May 10th-12th 2016 at the 3rd ROSEN Energy and Innovation Forum (REIF) 2016, in Lingen Germany.

May 12th, Lingen Germany - The goal was to promote a look beyond current needs, beyond current capabilities, and to identify the “black swans” in our future (as introduced by Dr. Roger King in his talk about the future issues of corrosion). This was achieved from May 10th-12th 2016 at the 3rd ROSEN Energy and Innovation Forum (REIF) 2016, in Lingen Germany. Key stakeholders from the industry came together for the event, regulators, operators, technology and service providers, all present to contribute.

Picture Gallery: Conference and Networking


A platform committed to discussion, creativity and advancement, the REIF, this year, focused on the topic of ‘Pipeline Integrity 2030”. Wednesday May 11th, was filled with plenary session and workshops revolving around the future of diagnostics and integrity. Each being introduced with a series of 3 trigger presentations and an interactive workshop to follow. Particular focus was put on: the future of NDT, material properties, future challenges around corrosion, assessment complexity, big data analytics, and missing procedures in the pipeline industry.

The heavy focus on the future was supplemented with two intriguing keynote speeches: Competency – the transfer of knowledge, presented by Dr. Phil Hopkins, and The future of the energy demand presented by Mr. Kamel Ben Naceur, director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Mr. Hermann Rosen, founder and
CEO of the ROSEN Group, spoke to his vision for the event, a vision which brings together all stakeholders in the industry, and outside, to reach common integrity goals. “It is my firm belief that all of us can only meet future requirements placed on our industry, with all the increasing complexity involved, by cooperating and understanding each other better.”

To come full circle, an early feedback of the workshops was presented on the morning of May 12th and participants left with future thoughts in their minds.

The detailed agenda for the event can be found here.

Picture Gallery: Hop-On Hop-Off Tour


The ROSEN Group looks forward to hosting the next REIF event in 2018 to continue preparing our industry, and others for the future to come. To quote the famous German Futurologist, Mr. Robert Jungk “To have a chance of effectively influencing the future, you have to invent it in advance”. This vision is interpreted by Hermann Rosen as “We cannot exactly predict the future – but we can prepare ourselves for the future”, platforms like REIF allows for us to do just this: prepare.

To supplement the conference a hop-on hop-off tour was made available for all participants. The tour was carefully designed to give freedom to explore the latest developments, technologies, facilities, and areas of expertise, incorporating 7 stops and 15 compelling stations. Many topics were introduced during the tour including for example: integrity solutions, solutions for tank terminal inspections, corrosion and material properties services, flow metering solutions, solutions for unpiggable or challenging pipelines, effective crack management strategies, intelligent plastics solutions, pipeline cleaning solutions, as well as the in-house mechanical- sensor- and electronic manufacturing and research and development.