In cooperation with ROSEN Education Systems and Services, Clarion Technical Conferences and Tiratsoo Technical offer three training courses and one workshop in Bogota, Colombia, on 15 to 18 November, 2016.

All three courses and the workshop as well qualify as components of one of the qualifications offered by the new ROSEN service to help professionals in the oil and gas industry acquire certified competence in different fields of expertise.

The training courses are assessed as meeting the competency standards set by an independent qualification panel. They derive directly from the pipeline industry.

Below, you will find the program with the respective qualification for each item:

  • “Advanced pipeline risk assessment”, by Kent Muhlbauer, WKM Consultancy, Austin, TX, USA (Pipeline Risk Engineer qualification)

  • “In-line inspection of pipelines”, by Dr Michael Beller, ROSEN Group, Karlsruhe, Germany (Pipeline Inspection Engineer qualification)

  • “Defect assessment in pipelines”, by Dr Phil Hopkins, Phil Hopkins Ltd, Whitley Bay, UK, and “Pipeline defect calculations workshop”, facilitated by Marco Pardo, ROSEN Group, Bogota, Colombia (Pipeline Integrity qualification)

All the lectures involved will be presented in English and simultaneous translation into Spanish will be provided. For further details of the courses, go to, while for details of these qualifications, please visit