At this year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition (IPC/IPE), the ROSEN Group will introduce its new premium in-line corrosion detection service RoCorr MFL-A Ultra.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

ROSEN’s new premium service, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra, now makes it possible to not only detect even the smallest pipeline defects, but also to define the exact structure of defect groups and complex corrosion. Lifelike images of the interior and exterior pipe wall, combined with automated data evaluation, provide a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the pipeline’s structure. Corrosion growth assessments based on ultra-high-resolution inspection data result in highly exact corrosion rates. This in turn allows for improved integrity and MAOP assessments that actually reflect reality, ultimately avoiding unnecessary dig-ups and enabling you to tap the full potential of your assets.

Therefore, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra not only minimizes field verification expenses, but also optimizes your assets’ performance.