The 11th International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, AB, Canada, was once again a major success, with over 1,400 delegates from companies from all over the world actively taking part in the event.

“Leading and Innovating” was the motto of the show, and contributions explored new ways to best prepare for the future of the industry. Presentations and discussions spanned across a total of eight technical tracks, addressing topics that reached from “Pipeline Safety Management Systems” over “Materials and Joining” to “Risk and Reliability.”

Given the current market situation in the oil and gas industry, an increased focus on the need for existing and aging assets to perform at their best is inevitably necessary. This includes our ability to work effectively and efficiently in order to properly maintain the integrity of all assets. As a vendor, ROSEN sees this as our foremost responsibility, to assist operators of all sorts in safely reaching optimized performance. To extend the offering of effective solutions, ROSEN introduced two new cutting-edge services, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra and Education Systems and Services, and promoted the availability of our crack detection service portfolio.

At this year’s show, ROSEN once again provided opportunities for networking, relationship building, and conversation with all stakeholders. These chances presented themselves in various ways, including active booth presence, which involved Meet-the-Expert Sessions and Quick Sessions that focused on current industry challenges and solutions. The highlight of ROSEN’s networking program was the customer appreciation event held at Rodney’s Oyster Bar with an Oktoberfest theme attended by guests from across the globe.

Daryl Ronsky, Vice President of the ROSEN Group in Canada, mentioned the good feedback from customers and believes in a very well-received event.

ROSEN looks forward to IPC 2018.