The ROSEN Group recently attended the forty-eighth Annual Convention and Exhibition of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA), held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8 to 11 October 2016.


APGA showcases current and new innovations within the pipeline industry, this year under the motto: “Australia’s Pipeline Industry: Sustainability | Knowledge | Innovation.” Numerous high-quality presentations dealt with topics ranging from presentations about proposed and completed pipelines, over gas policy and gas markets, regulation, safety and the environment, to skills and training, as well as pipeline research.

ROSEN took the opportunity to promote its new premium service RoCorr MFL-A Ultra. Further topics of interest to the visitors were the also recently launched ROSEN Education Systems and Services as well as the company’s key asset integrity management systems. In accordance with the event’s motto, we underlined our efforts for the management of aging assets, the acquisition and retention of professional knowledge, and constant innovation within the industry.

Once again, customers and business partners alike made ample use of the opportunity for personal exchange and expert conversations. Our presence at the APGA 2016 tightened the relationship with our partners in the industry, thereby strengthening ROSEN’s position in the Australian market.

ROSEN Group at APGA 2016