The ROSEN Group will once again play an active role at the Pipeline Conference and Exhibition (IPC/IPE) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Understanding the ever-growing needs of the pipeline industry, the ROSEN Group is proud to announce the unveiling of two new solutions at this year’s IPE:

Education Systems and Services

and the new premium in-line corrosion detection service RoCorr MFL-A Ultra.

The topics for the 2016 conference will also expand on the developments in crack detection and the EMAT technologies. The three highlight topics will share with operators the experience gained, knowledge acquired, and services developed through more than two million kilometers of pipeline inspected using ROSEN’s Asset Care portfolio.

The ROSEN Group has composed a total of eleven intriguing presentations, dealing with topics as diverse as competence development, smart materials, under-pressure welding, and remnant asset life.

Another highlight are the Quick Sessions that our experts will be holding at various times in the Facet Lounge of the ROSEN booth (booth no. 512). Here, visitors will have the chance to gain insight into our latest developments, brand-new services, and some interesting findings.

Finally, our Meet the Experts sessions will give visitors the opportunity to talk to the ROSEN experts individually to exchange views and get answers to their questions.

To learn more about the ROSEN Group’s participation in IPC/IE 2016 see also our press release.