ROSEN’s business line Field Products and Services will provide effective equipment for pre-commissioning activities to SPIECAPAG (France) by suppling 48’’ pre-commissioning tools, tracking equipment, as well as accessories to be used for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

ROSEN’s pre-commissioning tools have been recognized in the industry as a superior and competitive product, with excellent cleaning and dewatering performance. The equipment provided will be applied in the new pipeline in both Greece and Albania.

During the pipeline manufacturing process, oils, greases, protective coatings and mill scale can have an impact on pipe wall surfaces. It is therefore important to remove these materials before the pipeline is put into service. Equally important in the pre-commissioning process are dewatering activities. If done effectively, this process can optimize and potential reduce drying time, ultimately saving costs.

878km long, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline will transport natural gas from the Shah Deniz II field in Azerbaijan to Europe. TAP will connect with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) at the Turkish-Greek border, cross Greece and Albania and the Adriatic Sea, before coming ashore in Southern Italy. In March 2016, TAP selected SPIECAPAG as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for a 185km lot in Greece as well as two lots in Albania (215km in total). More details here.

Pre-Commissioning Tools