The Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics Division is proud to present the video animation of a self-propelled robotic unit in action.

This animation features the application of the propulsion unit in the inspection of a series of offshore vent lines in Asia Pacific. However, this new technology is not limited to vent lines—the propulsion unit can be applied to many different solution packages.

The versatile unit allows pipeline operators to overcome many challenges that are present when looking to perform an internal inspection. The unique capabilities of this solution include

  • operating with or without a medium and in the presence of debris;
  • bidirectional movement, both vertically and horizontally;
  • navigating full bore installations and 1.5D bends;
  • onboard visual monitoring and constant power consumption monitoring; and
  • towing high-resolution MFL or UT, caliper or cleaning units, due to the adjustable traction capability of the drive unit.

Watch now: Robotic Propulsion Unit


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