Any kind of liquids or gas pipeline is exposed to a wide range of potential damage mechanisms, any of which may eventually result in leakage or worse if not identified and mitigated at the right time.

Since they transport large amounts of often hazardous product, defective pipelines present a serious danger to people and the environment. As a consequence, the public pressure on operators and owners to ensure the integrity of their assets is strong. This has resulted in strict regulations in terms of pipeline integrity management.

A Framework You Can Trust

Among the most severe threats to pipeline integrity are cracks. The RoCD (ROSEN Crack Detection) framework for crack detection and management allows for structured decision-making based on individual needs, as well as measures ensuring optimum results when using ILI systems and other related services. This approach takes into account not only system configuration and the actual inspection, but also reporting, crack prioritization, field verification, and post ILI assessments. All elements are ready to be integrated into the overall integrity management program.

Using liquid coupled UT or dry coupled MFL and EMAT technologies, RoCD provides reliable crack detection and accurate crack sizing. Combining different technologies takes advantage of the synergy effect, resulting in a significant improvement in the characterization of detected features. While MFL is sensitive to volumetric features, for example, the strength of EMAT and MFL technologies lies in their combination. MFL is sensitive to volumetric features whereas EMAT is very sensitive to any planar reflector.

Certified Technologies for Increased Safety

Mandatory integrity management programs are becoming increasingly complex. Moreover, governmental rules and regulations vary greatly. This is why may pipeline operators seek service providers that have a proven track record of worldwide inspection performance as well as integrity consultancy, and that operate according to the highest standards.

In an effort to provide operators with the utmost security regarding the safe and efficient operation of their pipelines, the ROSEN Group has now taken another step. While the company’s UT inspection fleet has now been certified for a while, the certification of the EMAT inspection technology by TÜV Systems Nord was completed only recently. The independent certification by the TÜV Nord Group confirms the high quality of these inspection tools that completely fulfill the requirements set forth in TÜV memorandum 1069. This in turn gives operators of industrial systems the certainty that their pipelines are being inspected reliably. Find more detailed information about the certification in our press release.