Deep water, harsh environments, long distances, extreme temperatures – these are a few of our favorite things.

Offshore Asset Care requires operators to manage all of this, and more! When extreme operating conditions come together, the ROSEN Group steps up to the challenge. In the offshore arena performing under pressure applies to the people and the assets, 24/7 operation can take its toll on both. Therefore, experts and technologies are needed that not only cope when faced with these challenges, but excel.

Turn to our experienced team of offshore experts for flexible, multi-purpose, and future-proof solutions. An array of complementary solutions in the areas of planning, inspection, maintenance, and monitoring ensure performance and integrity at all times. This is supported by training and qualification services, digital solutions, and engineering consultancy.

These unique assets require versatile solutions learn more about what ROSEN offers here and visit us with our experts at the RIO Pipeline Conference 2017.

Watch now: Performance to the Extreme