The Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2017 took place at the Hotel Sheraton María Isabel in Mexico City on 18 to 19 July. Various speakers and panelist lectured and discussed different topics focusing on the oil and gas industry. While it was the second time that ROSEN actively participated, it was the first time that the company acted as Gold Sponsor.

Jan Frowijn, Director of Business Collaboration of ROSEN Mexico & Central America was part of the panel: Shaping Mexico’s Fast Growing Pipeline Network. Further panel members were Alejandro Lupiañez, Vice President of Mexico Operations for Wood Group, and David Madero, Director General of CENAGAS. It was moderated by Lorena Patterson, President of AMGN (Mexican Gas Association of Natural Gas).

Frowijn stated: “The evolution of Mexico’s natural gas pipelines will be determined by the demand and supply dynamic.” He argued further: “One of the main challenges that the Mexican pipeline network has to overcome is safe operation of the pipelines. Therefore, it is crucial to establish the Zero Incident culture like other countries such as Canada have done. Also, the participation of the stakeholders in this change is important since this industry cannot be carried by a single person.”

Patterson declared: “Nowadays, natural gas is a good alterative because it is the most economical, efficient, and cleanest fuel.” She went on to explain that “the creation of new pipelines and taking care of the ones that already exist” are key factors “for the growth of the natural gas industry.”

Madero added: “What determines the growth of the pipeline industry is supply and demand, and that definitely will rise, both in the energy industry and in the residential sector.”

Furthermore, the regulation of all hydrocarbons and the fact that natural gas has the most updated and stable regulation were discussed during the debate. It was agreed, however, that, for the industry to continue growing, a stronger and more developed regulatory framework is absolutely essential.

Madero concluded: “Investors need clarity and certainty regarding their investments, knowing that there will be volatility associated with the appearance of renewable energies.”