On Tuesday, September 19th, ROSEN was presented with the CEPA Foundation award for Innovation at the CEPA Foundation Fall Meeting in Whistler, BC. The award was assessed based on criteria of Originality and Boldness, Impact and Meaningfulness, and Sustainability. ROSEN won the award for the Development of the EMAT Pipeline Inspections Services – Novelty to Essential Tool.

Accepting the award on behalf of ROSEN was Daryl Ronsky, Vice President of Collaboration for ROSEN Canada. He stated, “Starting in 2009, ROSEN began working closely with CEPA member companies in a very intentional way to develop EMAT technology to a new level. The self-funded process of very focused R&D, manufacturing, validation and continuous improvements allowed for rapid development of the technology. It allowed the technology to move from novelty to an essential integrity tool. EMAT fills a gap for operators, they now have a fleet of tools and processes that they can rely on to manage crack-type features, particularly in gas pipelines. To date, ROSEN has inspected nearly 20,000 km of pipe and identified and precisely sized thousands of features for operators in Canada.”

“In our wonderful pipeline business, we are necessarily pretty conservative about adopting new technologies. Ideas are pretty easy to generate, getting tests started and building prototypes is harder…but the really hard slogging happens when you test and validate technologies that really disrupt the status quo. We are very thankful to all of the CEPA Foundation operators who have helped in this process. In particular, we would like to thank the folks at TransCanada, the R&D team, the Pipeline Integrity Threat teams, the pigging operations folks, and the in-the-ditch people who have worked to rigorously test and validate the technology. TransCanada was a part of this work from the beginning and getting to this point simply would not have happened without their patience, encouragement, and pushing us daily to get better and better.”

For more information on the CEPA Foundation Award and Fall Meeting, visit the CEPA website.