At this year’s Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference, the ROSEN Group will unveil its new premium Corrosion Growth Assessment service, CGApro.

Corrosion is governed by an intricate set of electrochemical, kinetic, and metallurgical processes. Consequently, corrosions growth rates (CGRs) can fluctuate greatly. In fact, small changes in the local environment can initiate, arrest, accelerate or decelerate the growth of a corrosion pit at any time.

Historical corrosion growth can be accurately estimated using inspection data. However, to get the best value from this data, it is essential to understand how to properly use CGRs within integrity management processes, such as generating repair plans, scheduling mitigation activities, defining re-inspection intervals, and estimating remaining life. With its premium Corrosion Growth Assessment (CGA) service, ROSEN supports pipeline operators by providing these critical analyses.

CGApro offers operators unparalleled insights into the location, severity, causes of, and solutions for active corrosion threats. View our press release for more detailed information.