As key members of the pipeline community in South America, ROSEN is wholeheartedly supporting the upcoming NACE PIMS conference, which will take place in Lima from 15 to 17 November. Come and join us at booth #112, where we will be sharing our extensive knowledge of pipeline integrity management built up by working with hundreds of pipeline operators worldwide.

In addition to sponsoring the event and exhibiting a selection of advanced technologies, our Head Of Integrity Services Roland Palmer-Jones will be giving a keynote presentation on “Advances and Best Practice in Managing the Threat of Circumferential Cracking” – an issue of particular importance for pipelines in mountainous terrain where significant loads due to landslides and other geohazards are common. “NACE is providing a great forum for sharing knowledge with our colleagues,” Palmer-Jones explains, “I am honored to participate and learn from the excellent work being done to further improve pipeline integrity in South America as we all aim for Zero Incidents.”

Internal corrosion is another critical threat for oil and gas pipelines. Recent advances linking state-of-the-art flow modelling with OLGA and corrosion modelling systems calibrated on extensive in-line inspection data have allowed us to make significant steps in improving confidence in the direct assessment process for internal corrosion (ICDA). Our Senior Corrosion Engineer Marguerite Forde will show how this has been achieved and share some case studies that illustrate the benefits.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lima!