Heavy buildup of solids, such as black dust, can drastically affect pipeline efficiency and requires effective cleaning solutions. Given the high speed of the product flow, this presents a challenge for high-velocity gas pipelines.


Optimal flow is the single most important prerequisite for efficient pipeline operation. However, there are many factors which may seriously impact the continuous transportation of the medium in any pipeline, several of them being related to the accumulation of inherent deposits and debris. Not only does this cause a severe loss of throughput, it may also lead to damage by abrasion or encourage corrosion under deposits. Therefore, an effective cleaning program is crucial for maintaining pipeline efficiency, and may avoid costly repair or restoration work in the future.

When cleaning a line, however, high tool speeds can stop you short. A pipeline’s performance can be hindered significantly by the reduction of the internal diameter. The optimal speed for ideal cleaning performance is below 5 m/s. As high-velocity gas pipelines transport medium at approximately 8 m/s, this becomes a challenge. Thanks to its tools that are equipped with a special speed reduction valve, the ROSEN Cleaning EcoSpeed service ensures optimal cleaning each time by slowing down the tool, without hindering regular production speeds. View our press release for more detailed information.