For the third year in a row, the SGA workshop took place at the ROSEN Facility in Columbus Ohio on 23 May 2018. We are pleased to say that the annual event was well-attended by North American gas operators.

In the ROSEN-hosted session in the Columbus workshop, the attendees were given an overview on ROSEN’s Advanced Pipeline Diagnostics and Integrity Services. One area of focus was on the EMAT and UT technologies, and how they can be applied in inline inspections (ILI) for the detection of cracks in both liquid and gas lines. The other area of focus was the RoMAT PGS service, which provides valuable information about pipe populations and pipe grade. Attendees learned about how the RoMAT PGS service, together with other material-relevant information, generates pipeline DNA — a crucial element in the overall integrity management of gas and liquid pipelines. In the evening, the group of attendees enjoyed conversing over an informal get-together and dinner, sponsored by ROSEN.

Our location in Columbus, Ohio, focuses solely on serving Integrity Services and Advanced Pipeline Diagnostics to the USA and east Canadian markets. At events like this, our customers gain valuable insight into our expertise in the two areas.

We appreciate that the SGA shows continued trust in our competence and experience by granting us with the opportunity to participate in this event. We look forward to next time!

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