In March 2018, the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG) plenary meeting was held at the ROSEN Group headquarters in Stans, Switzerland.

The EPRG is an association that aims to combine the expertise of its member companies to address common interest topics concerning pipeline operation, design, manufacturing, construction and maintenance. As a result of this collaboration, new methods and practices are identified that help improve the integrity of new and existing pipelines, and research projects supporting these ideas are launched and financed. In 2017, ROSEN became the first inline inspection service provider to join the EPRG. After about one year of membership, ROSEN has become an active voice in the group, with increasing levels of involvement and contribution.

The technical activities of the EPRG are governed by a plenary group, which is divided into three different committees — Materials, Corrosion and Design — and consists of representatives from each member organization. ROSEN representatives have roles in all respective committees, plenary group leadership and governance. The first plenary meeting of the year took place at the ROSEN Group headquarters. The objectives of this meeting included the topics of membership, roles and responsibilities, approving budgets, and selecting research programs. Thoughtful collaboration between a diverse group of members from 26 companies led to successful outcomes and further benefit for the industry.

ROSEN is committed to helping create a safer and more efficient pipeline industry by understanding its needs and continuously providing innovative solutions in response. That is why the ROSEN Group is one of the few companies that are also members of the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) and Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA). These organizations host a joint technical meeting every two years with the EPRG to share and discuss current methods, practices and research results. Results, including recommendations and guidelines, are also shared with the broader pipeline industry through publications and presentations at conferences.

For more information on the most recent and ongoing research activities by the EPRG, visit its website.